These Car Cleaning Hacks Are Absolute Lifesavers

Taking time out of your day to clean your car is tough. In comparison to our other priorities in life, it seems that cleaning your car often falls in last place. Whether there are bags of old-fast food that you’ve been meaning to throw away, or kid prints all over, our cars can get pretty gross if it’s not taken care of. Getting your car professionally cleaned can be costly, but you also don’t have enough time to clean it by yourself. What should you do? Well, here’s a list of easy ways to keep your car clean or how to best clean it up if it’s already somewhat dirty. Plenty of reluctant cleaners have figured out these hacks and they will save you hours. Many of these hacks can also be used in homes as well.Here are the best cleaning hacks to save your beloved transportation vessel.

Bleach On The Wheels

Getting your wheels clean takes up some time. Using bleach is a great way to get a better result. If you put a small amount of bleach on an old rag and throw some Lysol over the powder, it makes for a winning combo. After scrubbing the rims with the rag, you should begin to see results very quickly.

Clean Your Vents With Foam

If you find yourself suffering from allergies in your car, it could be because there is a build up of dirt or dust in your vents. Even if you don’t experience this, it’s still not very healthy to drive around with dirty vents. The best way to clean them is to get a small foam brush, since they are squishy enough, they can get into all the nooks and crannies.

Toothbrush For Details

You may think detailing your car may require special tools or fancy kits, but nope! We got you covered. The only thing you really need is some elbow grease and a regular toothbrush. The bristles on the toothbrush can get into all the small crevices to extract dirt. It does basically what it does on your teeth, on your car!

Taking Off Bumper Stickers

Perhaps you have a bumper sticker from a past presidential election, or maybe your opinion has changed on something! Getting an old bumper sticker off your car is no easy task. Those stickers can leave behind a sticky residue and it could require a new paint job. However, if you just use WD-40 spray over the sticker and let it soak, it will peel off with ease!

Cleaning Your Vents

Yes, it’s possible for your car to be impeccable and still have a strange odor. If you are experiencing this, you probably might want to take a look at the air filters. If your car’s filters are filled with gross stuff, it will probably fill up the interior with smells from the city. Worse than an odor, the filters can develop mold if not cleaned.

Soda On Rust

This hack can be used on anything from your car to a metal bridge. If you put some cola on a rusty part of your car, the rust will eventually break down. Cola has a lot of acid, which is great for breaking down rust. Spray it over the rust, let it sit, and then wipe it away.