Here’s A List Of 24 Kitchen Essentials You Need To Start Whole30

The only thing harder than building a new healthy eating habit is kicking it off in the first place. Whole30 first-timers would probably agree.

If you’re not familiar with Whole30, it’s a strict meal plan that emphasizes whole foods while banning sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy and dairy. Basically, you’re left eating lean proteins and lots (and lots and lots) of veggies and fruits.

But because many everyday foods like almond milk, creamer and salad dressing contain added sugar and other Whole30-banned ingredients, you’re forced to find Whole30-compliant alternatives, which can be overwhelming for Whole30 beginners.

Though some meal-delivery subscription services like Blue Apron now offer Whole30-approved meal kits, you’ll still need a few go-to ingredients and tools to cook healthy meals at home. Fortunately, we’ve consulted a few Whole30 veterans who’ve supplied us with their must-have kitchen and pantry essentials to kick off a new Whole30 challenge. 

Take a look below at their recommendations, and add these 24 kitchen essentials to your Whole30 shopping list:

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