Cheers to Carlsberg’s POP Cap

CARLSBERG Malaysia has once again surprised us with its latest and one-of-a-kind innovation.

This new feature is expected to revolutionise consumers’ beer-drinking experience, specifically the Carlsberg Smooth Draught – “Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World”.

The brewer has unveiled an easy-to-open bottle where it adopts the ring-pull “POP Cap” to replace the pry-off cap.

Both 580ml and 325ml bottles will now have this new cap which consumers can just lift the ring and pull the ring instead of using a bottle opener.

This cuts the hassle of needing to keep an opener handy, or resorting to other tools like a key or spoon to open the bottle.

To inject excitement amongst Carlsberg Smooth Draught lovers and their drinking buddies, the cap elicits a pop sound when quickly pulled.

This not only creates a different unique drinking ritual between consumers as they pop the beer together but also delivers the brand promise of “Now You Can ‘Pop’ A Draught Anywhere!”.

On why this ring-pull “POP Cap” is not used in other Carlsberg brands like the classic green bottle, Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Lars Lehmann says they do not want to change anything about it.

“People appreciate it just the way it is, together with the ritual of prying off the cap with the bottle opener. It has worked well for that brand for many years,” he says.

Additionally, since the launching of Carlsberg Smooth Draught two years ago, the beer is reported to be doing very well in the market as beer drinkers love the smooth taste.

Building on its increased popularity, it is said the innovative ring-pull “POP Cap” will further boost the success of the beer now that it is easier and fun to consume.

“A lot of thought and research went into this and it took about eight months. We even tested out the new cap with consumers, and it was extremely well-received.

“We are absolutely confident that it is going to be a huge success,” says Lehmann, adding that Malaysians will enjoy this latest innovation.

Lehmann, together with the Carlsberg Malaysia board of directors and management team, were at the launch to unveil the “POP Cap” held at Jenerator, KL Citywalk in Kuala Lumpur recently.

He also assured consumers that the different kinds of caps will not change or affect the beer inside the bottle.

To leverage on the pop sound as a mnemonic, the brand has begun challenging beer drinkers to make the loudest pop sound when popping a Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottle.

They can also download the Sound Meter app on their smartphones to measure the loudness of the pop sounds in decibels, which might just bring out the competitiveness in consumers.

The “POP Cap”, he adds, is probably the biggest innovation yet for the Carlsberg brand as Malaysia is the first amongst 140 Carlsberg markets globally to adopt this technology.

“This innovation is the solution to the hassle with traditional pry-off caps that need a bottle opener; or twist-off crowns which may result in fingers getting cut.

“With the ‘POP Cap’, you can now enjoy the smoothness of draught beer in a bottle easily, in comfort at your own convenience,” he says.