10 places to see beautiful cherry blossoms (and when)

It might surprise you that there’s a whole world of cherry blossoms to explore outside of Washington, DC (not that you shouldn’t see those cloud-like blooms at least once in your life).  Perhaps Washington is just out of reach, or maybe you’d rather explore beyond the nation’s capital.

If so, here are 10 options that won’t let you down.


Late April to May

Cherry blossoms in full bloom along the Charles River — Photo courtesy of iStock/TerryRudderham

Stroll down the esplanade on the Boston side of the Charles River for an unbeatable view of blooms – and a nice waterfront location.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mid-April to Late April

Shinto shrine among the blooms at Brooklyn Botanic Garden — Photo courtesy of iStock/lightphoto

Head out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and feel as if you’ve been transported to Japan as you meander through the endless rows of trees overflowing with pink and white blossoms.

Fuji Five Lakes, Japan


A beautiful view of Mt. Fuji among the blossoms — Photo courtesy of iStock/Torsakarin

Speaking of Japan, you can’t talk about cherry blossoms without mentioning a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun.  We suggest Fuji Five Lakes for cherry blossom viewing complemented by a Mt. Fuji backdrop.



Cherry blossom trees blanket Branch Brook Park in springtime — Photo courtesy of iStock/andykazie

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Brooklyn, you could potentially see cherry blossom trees in two states all in one day.  Enjoy the romance of Branch Brook Park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (who also designed Central Park) and its 5,300 cherry trees.


Early April to Mid April

Start at Nashville’s Public Square and follow the blooms, or start at McCabe Park and head down Murphy Road.  You’re sure to find blooming cherry trees either way.



Blooming cherry blossom trees at Bryn Mawr — Photo courtesy of iStock/aimintang

There’s an abundance of places to see cherry trees blooming in Philly, so they’re not easily missed.  If you’re looking for prime viewing locations, try the Shoufso Japanese House and Garden, Morris Arboretum or Kelly Drive.

San Francisco


For a dose of sakura in San Francisco, you should head to Japantown, where you can also take in the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.


Mid-March to Late April

Cherry blossoms brighten a damp day in Seattle — Photo courtesy of iStock/july7th

University of Washington is the go-to place for cherry blossoms in Seattle, but you’ll also find blooms at Jefferson Park, which happened to be designed by the Olmsted Brothers (that’s right, Frederick Law Olmsted’s sons).


Early April to Mid-April

Spring is a great time to experience Seoul — Photo courtesy of iStock/ake1150sb

Spring has truly arrived in Seoul when the cherry blossom trees lining Yeouiseo-ro Road explode in a parade of white and pink.

St. Louis

March to Early April

Meet in St. Louis for a leisurely stroll through the Missouri Botanical Garden where you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous cherry blossoms.